Christmas is done for another year. I'm a little sad about that. I can usually judge how I'm doing emotionally by how soon after Christmas day I take down the tree and decorations. Now, it is bugging me, but I feel like leaving them up for a few more days, so that's encouraging.

We had a very mellow Christmas. The way we have always wanted to spend it. Christmas Eve we watched the sunset at the beach and walked up and down the esplanade in the crisp air. We had a lovely ham dinner with all the fixings and watched "Pride and Prejudice" which was hopelessly romantic.

Christmas morning we slept in a bit. We enjoyed a nice breakfast after opening our gifts and then lounged and napped. We meandered over to my brother's house about 1 p.m. to exchange gifts with his family, and then we all caravaned over to the "home" to bring our mother her gifts... Walked into her room and were met with an overpowering stench of fresh crap. Ho-Boy! She'd just taken a gigantic Christmas dump, and was wearing part of it. Just lying on the bed - wearing shit. Deck them halls, kids!

Anyway, we alerted the staff and soon, the clean-up crew arrived. But while we were waiting, we opened the windows and tried to find fresh air as best as we could. She was oblivious to it all, and didn't even remember exactly who her grandson was. It took a while and some serious brain-bleach to dim that memory, I'm here to tell ya.

After all that, we lounged some more at home, and when we got hungry, we set out to a nearby Chinese restaurant to do Christmas dinner "Seinfeld"-style. The place was packed and it was completely great to eat Christmas dinner with chopsticks!

Today we went to Borders to shop with gift cards. I got three books (a novel, a memoir and a travel book about Ireland) and a pair of headphones, which I'm using as I type this - and I still have a bunch of money on one card. The apartment is relatively clean so when we wake up tomorrow and it's raining (like the weather report promised) I'll be ready for some serious reading and relaxatin'.

You know what I love? I love the HBO show "The Wire". I just love that show and anyone who hasn't watched it - is really, seriously missing out on a major life-changing experience and some goddam great entertainment!

That's it for now.

P.S. - RIP Gerald Ford. You were the first candidate I ever voted for - and you lost to Jimmy Carter. You were an important President during my college years, troubled times/exciting times when many of us felt we had purpose and could change the world (unlike the toilet we live in today). You were the most "honest" Congressman they could find to be VP to Tricky Dick Nixon - somebody who could take over after he was impeached/resigned. Your wife Betty RAWKED harder than any First Lady we've had since. RIP Mr. Ford. You deserve a good rest. Okay - NOW that's really it.

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