Today my head is very foggy. Like being hung-over, but without getting to experience the booze part.

I have this condition called Meniere's Syndrome wherein I have effed up ears. I have tinnitis - noises in my ears - and pressure on my eardrums - and the worst part is dizziness. The doctor gave me a prescription for some anti-dizziness medication - it's really an anti-histamine so it makes me sleepy and cranky. I don't like that part, but I enjoy the relief from the vertigo. But, the weird part, is that after one of these "attacks", I get very sleepy and foggy headed. It feels like I'm walking through jello. Not a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday.

I went to my regular Saturday AA meeting today. I REALLY didn't want to go. Nothing is so sweet as ditching an AA meeting - but, I'm the secretary, so I sort of have to show up every week. And, I was glad I did, becuase there were two newcomers today. Hearing their stories - one of them just got out of jail this morning - helps me to remember just how blessed I am. Whatever has happened to any other alcoholic could just as easily happen to me.

I think Dennis finally does get it. He didn't try anything fishy with me. I am just not into men at this time. Don't get me wrong. I am definitely lovin' the men - In fact, I was just remembering that it was after I got separated from my husband, that I figured out that men have this really neat "toy" attached to their bodies. And they don't mind at all if you play with it all the time! Imagine that! I really made up for lost time and opportunities after I was single again. I think I made up for a couple of years in a couple of WEEKS!

My first post marriage boyfriend and I were Crazy! We used to have sex in public all the time. We did it on the grass (not even hidden by trees or anything) at the Botanical Gardens. Nobody was around that area because it was behind the parking lot - but we could see the entrance gate to the gardens from where we were. We put a blanket over us, and he got behind me, and we just went to town! Anybody watching from the entrance would never have even known.

Another time, we did it under some trees, at Wilderness Park, with families all around us. But, nobody suspected us again. The things you can get away with.

Once, we were parked on the esplanade in Redondo. We were sitting in the front seat of my car, and I was, well, you, know - him - and a guy walked by and stared in the window. THAT was a bit too close - so we left the area fast...

We were truly dare devils. Crazy people. I don't think I would be up for that kind of activity any more. Been there, done that, got the tattoo!!

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