I got another boss yesterday. I was so scared all day because I was shown a memo I wasn't supposed to see, and it was about me! I knew I was getting a new boss from reading the memo, but I didn't know under what circumstances. So, I was nervous and kept running different scenerios in my head. But, as it happens, I just added another guy to my list of supervisors.

It's probably going to be weird for a while til I get used to it. For about 4 years, I sat outside of this guy's office. Unfortunately, they were my "midlife crisis" years... You know, the requisite nose piercing at age 40 - divorce and subsequent hot, passionate affair with the ex-con... Oh, yeah. This guy has a really great impression of me already!

Plus, both my present bosses got me thinking about why I didn't get offered any more money for this job. I mean, the whole situation wasn't "offered". I was given no choice in the matter, and money was never discussed. But, my one boss is all over me - "Oh, they told me you were going to get some extra money, and now they are saying no" Before that I wasn't really thinking of the money - I just figured we're all in a big financial pinch - and this is a cost-cutting measure - so, I was just glad it wasn't my job they were cutting! Now, I'm going to have to feel bitter for the way I got screwed - when I never thought I was being screwed until now!

Oh, well. I should be trying to get some sleep pretty soon. Tonight, while I sleep - the magical paycheck fairy will deposit money into my bank account... That'll come in handy!

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