Well, I made an appointment to see a doctor tomorrow regarding my heart palpitations. I always hesitate to see a doc, because my head tells me either I am crazy, and nothing is wrong with me - or, I feel like I'm there because I've done something wrong - like whatever it is, it's my fault. But, I've been reading up on heart beat weirdnesses on the internet, and although most of them are benign, it's always good to have them checked out. Besides, I don't want to die and leave my poor little daughter with her nuttier than a fruitcake father! How cruel that would be!

Speaking of poor little kids, my brother left to go and work in Illinois for 6 weeks, leaving his kids in the sole custody of his Religious Fanatic ex-wife and her creepy old husband. My nephew was just clinging to his dad, and sobbing this morning! I felt so sorry for that kid.

We're going to make a real effort to have my niece and nephew over a whole lot these next 6 weeks. If nothing else, to give them a break from their mom's rage-aholic behavior. I guess if you love Jesus enough, you can do anything and still get into heaven....

A buddy from work is bringing me back a Voodoo doll from New Orleans. How cool! I don't believe in Voodoo, but getting the doll will be cool!

That's all I can come up with for now. Still no hard evidence as to what happened to little Alicia. Will continue my investigation.


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