Packing. Ugh. I don't know where I got all this crap, but now I have to put it all in boxes, or throw it away, or give it to the Goodwill. I'm so cranky!

Went to the doctor about my medication and whether or not I should be taking it since I got so scared when my hear rate was so slow. And this is another doctor, not the one who prescribed it - you know, second opinion. He said I should definitely take a whole pill instead of half. He said it would be very helpful to someone like me - who has a heart jumping around in her chest, who gets all hypertensive over everything - and who gets anxious and panicky all the time. And not to worry about the slow heart because as long as I feel okay, I am okay.

I like the anti-anxiety side of this drug. I still think all my psycho thoughts, but I don't *feel* them as if they were already happening. That's really cool.

I'm tired. I have a ton of stuff still to do and only 12 days to do them in. And, I keep buying MORE stuff. Pretty candles and towels for the bathroom, kitchen mixing bowls - like I don't already have enough, microwave oven, computer desk, mini-entertainment center for the bedroom. Good GAWD! But, it's going to be really, really nice when it's all done. I can't wait. I so love my new/old neighborhood. The people are friendly and keep their homes up. The streets are quiet - no motorcycles or boom boxes going all the time like it is here. Lots of wild creatures (skunks, racoons, possums and birds). Sooo nice to be going back!

Gotta go. Sopranos.


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