Packing. Cleaning. Laundry. I FREAKIN HAT THIS! And, I have been waiting so long now (3 weeks) for the big move - I'm almost out of enthusiasm!

Naw. Actually, I'm so excited I am cranky.

I am doing some different stuff - for me. My usual M.O. would be to freak out constantly, have every little thing packed and stacked neatly along the walls - not less than a week in advance - be a real bitch to my kidlet and call the movers at least 3 times - just to confirm - look over the new apartment 4 or 5 times - etc. But, thanks to my brand new meds - I'm not doing that!!!!!

I sorta have everything packed, but it's all over the house. Things are pretty clean - except the bathroom. I've been to the apartment exactly twice - and once was to see if the refrigerator would fit (it does) - though, I have driven past the place about 50 times - and - I'm not feeling too irritable. I've just accepted that it'll all get done. It will be fine - and Sunday morning, I will be in our new apartment, sitting at my dining room table, wearing my cutest pj's, sipping a great mug of hazlenut flavored coffee, looking out my picture window at the trees and the park below.

I wonder if this is how calm and non-freaked out normal people are about things - or if I'm more calm now than other people are. Is there a way to tell? Whateve - I'm sooo appreciating this new me.


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