Well, tomorrow starts our big mini-vacation (oxymoron anyone?). Yep, we're off - down the 405 to Knotts Berry Farm. I hope we have some fun, because this summer kind of blows as far as adventures go.

My kidlet decided that since she has had someplace to go every day of her life practically - since she was 3 months old and I went back to work - she would like to take this one summer off. No art classes, no summer camp, no musicals - nothing. That sounded good to me. When I was growning up, summers were all about just hanging out at home and not doing a darned thing. Well, 3 weeks into summer, this kid is bored out of her mind.

So, out comes the mini-vacation weekend. 45 minute drive to an amusement park - which should be really fun as neither one of us likes to go on those rides. We'll be walking around in the heat of the day, going "Oh, no! You could break a hip on that!" Yep. Sounds like fun to me, too.

Then on Saturday, we have plans to go back to O.C. for the Orange County Fair. Hot sun. Fighting crowds of our fellow Californians to catch a glimpse of cows and pigs and bunnies. Jeez. When I think of these things from her perspective... Poor thing. Especially when her girlfriend called yesterday, just as she was leaving to go to London for two weeks!

Maybe I can come up with some ideas to save this weekdend, and make it a little more of a pleasant memory.


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