Last night, I watched a Keanu Reeves movie that he didn't ruin! Yay! It was a little film called "The Gift" with Kate Blanchett. I figured out who done it really early in the film, but it was still pretty good. Keanu wasn't given that much to do, and the lines he spoke were well within his range. There may be hope for that boy yet! Plus, the gentlemen might be interested to know that there is a scene in the film which pretty much features Katie Holmes' boobies. And, since Katie is waaaay to skinny for those to be her boobies - I must say, she has purchased some spectacular ones! Her doctor should be very proud of his/her work...


I got a phone call last night from one of the "Social Justice" Committee ladies at church. They're such cool old ladies. Some of them were arrested during protests back in the '60's, and have marched on Washington, or hung out with Cesar Chavez. They wanted me to come to their meeting on Friday night. I do want to become more active on that level, but I turned her down. I realized that Fridays have become the traditional hanging out and having fun nights for me and the kidlet. She's almost 14 years old, and I expect she will be wanting to hang out with her buddies (as soon as she gets some...) soon enough, and won't want to hang with mom. I will be really, really sad when that happens. So, I'm going to enjoy our time together on Fridays, until she cuts me loose. Social Justice will simply have to wait for me.


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