I had the best day yesterday. It's been a while since all the pieces came together so pleasantly.

First, as I was blow drying my hair, I remembered I had forgotten to FedEx mail to one of my bosses . I always do that on Thursdays, so he has it bright and early Friday morning. He was travelling yesterday, and only going to be at home for one night, and then back on the road for a week. Uh Oh. I hate when I screw up something so easy. I had been multi-tasking (i.e. in the middle of five different projects, and half-assing all of them) so I forgot what day it was on Thursday. When I got to the office, I left my boss a very humerous voicemail about my lack of professionalism - so funny in fact that he was still laughing when he returned my call. It was okay. I would remain employed another day.

Then, one of my other bosses - the one who does this great underwater photography - honestly admired the photos I have up on my office wall - the ones I took! I guess it's not just my imagination - I do have a lick of talent. (He used the word "incredible".....) And, I was able to keep from fainting (I have this weird reaction to any kind of praise - I freak out pretty severely), and discuss photography with him in a calm and somewhat knowledgeable manner.

I was able to get the Director of Sales to sign off on a purchase order for my third boss - for a bubble jet printer. He came in, waving the PO around, and I just jumped right in, with "It's shot sir. If we don't buy a new one, they're going to call the guy with the tool belt to fix it" He just started laughing! And, signed the PO then and there.

And, finally, I was able to convince FedEx to make a special trip out to one of the sales guy's homes to deliver a second package (one they separated from the first and were going to leave at their local office until MONDAY). I explained very carefully - not bitchily, condescendingly, or even in my usual pleading manner, to the FedEx lady that we had specifically chosen FedEx because it was crucial that both packages were received the next day. The woman seemed to understand me. Later in the day, the sales guy phoned me and praised my abilities to move heaven, earth and FedEx! His package had arrived!

I do so love days like yesterday. I love the positive energy, and the feeling of self esteem I get when I am able to accomplish things. When I was a little girl, I honed those skills of comedic timing, and figuring out which "personality" I needed to use in whatever situation I found myself - mainly as a defense against my alcoholic/rage-aholic father. If I could distract, cajole, or entertain, I could stay out of whatever trouble was brewing at the time and there was Always Trouble Brewing. It was an incredibly stressful way to live. But, I did get some talents out of it. And, nowadays, I don't have to use those skills as a reflex. I use them when I need to, to my advantage. It's a big difference.

I gotta go water my seeds.


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