I spent even MORE money. Firstly, I'm taking a vacation day today, so I could go with my daughter to the high school for scheduling day. It's a good thing I did - half way through the Dean of something-or-other's speech, my daughter leans over to me and says "You should have given me Ritalin. This is making absolutely NO sense!". We got her schedule all fleshed out. English, Algebra, Integrated Science, PE, Tech and Art Appreciation. Cool. Then, I had to pay those highway robbers $65!!!! Just for the yearbook at a discount rate, and free admission to sporting events. Only afterwards, my daughter said she wasn't going to go to any football games... "OH YES YOU ARE - YOU'RE GOING TO EVERY EFFING ONE OF THEM!!!!!" was my calm and supportive reply.

After the school thing, we hit the mall. She needed shoes - three pair, and we had to pick up a birthday gift for her pal Tina, and of course, a little something for her Stepmother. I found some fabulous looking pants, and a sleeveless, turtleneck sweater, that would be wonderful for the kidlet - I insisted she get them. Having a girl is like having a really big Barbie doll... I also grabbed a cute dress for me, off the rack as I was standing in line to pay. On our way to the car, we spied a Helen Grace candy shop. $6 later, we drove out of the parking lot. The candy was awful. I've never had bad chocolate before. Even with PMS, I couldn't eat it. Bleh!

So, now, I'm home, sitting here in my new frock, surrounded by my messy apartment, feeling more than a twinge of Buyer's Remorse.

Fuck It.


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