I'm very proud of myself right now. I dicked around with my own HTML! That's right! I'm a geeeenius!

Seriously though. I clicked on a banner, and found myself at the Diarycritic site. And, of course, the masochist within began to speak to me. "Go ahead - have them tell you just exactly how sucky you are... Yeah, that's it - sign up to have your diary critiqued by people you don't even effing KNOW! Your self esteem will plummet. That's my girl, click that 'submit' button, right there..."

I was immediately hooked!

However, they required a little image be attached to my diary page, or they wouldn't even pre-qualify me to be abused. So, I spent a couple of hours at work - yeah, I'm waaay behind, but I'll just sit here doing stuff I could get fired for instead... - trying to figure out the most basic HTML. It was AWESOME! I had lots of fun. I went to a website for beginning HTML students, and found out how to get the image I needed, and turn it into a JPEG - then I set about screwing with my layout. I didn't do my own layout, so I had to look at what the designer had done in similar instances. I copied what she did as best I could, and got the image to show up (well, I can see it on my computer at work, but not at home. Hmmm, must be the Netscape). Anyway - I had to figure out how to make it link back, so, again, I copied what was already there. I DID IT! All by myself! I'm a Geenius!

I got so cocky, I decided to neaten up my page a bit. I figured out how to put all my diary rings behind the little Ring Link thingy at the top of the page. (it didn't work before). Now, all a visitor has to do, is click on the Rings thingy and they get to see All my rings. I'm super happy about that one, because, as much as I adore belonging to a bunch of diary rings - they were really cluttering up the bottom of my page. It looks so much tidier now. I did leave Dubya's pic up there. As a reminder to all of what a shockingly bad leader he is...

So, despite the foul mood I have been in all day - something good did come out of me. Now I know how to get photos and stuff onto my page! This HTML stuff ROCKS!!


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