It's all gone from shit to worse. I had the scariest experience. I was attempting to stop at the stop sign by my apartment, and the brake pedal went all the way to the floor, and the car didn't stop! I NEVER want to feel that feeling again. Ever.

I thought somthing was screwy when I left work. As I was backing out of my parking spot, it kinda felt like the emergency brake was on. But, it wasn't. I checked. And, the car sort of drove a little - funny - I don't exactly know how to put it. I picked up the kid from the library, and we went to the grocery store for MTV Music Video Awards supplies - pizza, popcorn - and coming home, there was this smell. Like hot coals after a barbeque. I thought it was from the outside. Then, after the brake pedal incident, we noticed the smell was ONLY in/by my car. Mostly from the rear-end of my car (where I just had the brakes done on Saturday...

I called the service station guy and he said to bring the car in tomorrow. Duh! He said it could be the master cylinder. Coincidence? Shit. I wish I wasn't so paranoid when it comes to car repair stuff.

I called my mom to tell her about it. She was all worried that I was going to have to pay more money for additional brake work. She's all "tell him your brother is an attorney, so if he doesn't want to get sued he should fix them for free" Well, first of all, my brother is NOT an attorney. He works for the railroad. I guess all he could do for me is run the guy over with a deisel engine. Anyway, my mom kept at me about not paying (this from a woman who would literally rather die than confront anything). She's like - "You simply have to be more assertive, Pookie". I reminded her that she was the one who took her Sentra in for it's annual servicing, and ended up cutting the repair shop a check for $1100! She claimed not to remember anything about that. Then, she got mad at me for bringing it up, and had to get off the phone. That's my mom.

All I can do tonight, is try and forget the feeling of terror when my car kept going after I distinctly told it to stop. And, I can enjoy the MTV awards, while dining on pizza, popcorn, and cookies!!! Gotta go for the gusto. I could be dead right now...


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