My boss is here for a sales meeting. I should be cleaning up my office, so that tomorrow, when he is here by himself, he won't be able to find my little "piles" of stuff I have put off for months and months. I figure, he wrote me a sterling review, and gave me a raise twice as big as the next gal - so, a messy office won't come between us at this point. Hence, this midday update.


I went to a neurologist to discuss my vertigo. I knew I was in trouble right from the start. This neurologist is of the male persuasion. Now, I don't want to come off all sexist, and perhaps I am, but after my daughter was born, I swore on all things holy, I would never have a male physician or dentist or therapist ever again in my life. I just can't seem to communicate with male professionals, without me getting the impression that they think I'm NUTS. Female professionals do not look at me like I am a crazy person, when I tell them I get spinning vertigo, at least once a month, which lasts about 3 days, is of the same severity any direction that I turn my head, sometimes I have ringing in my ears, and sometimes not. Oh, sure, he ordered an MRI and some kind of brainstem test for me - but he also told me that I'm "hyperactive"! I'm not hyperactive - I can sit for weeks, collecting dust, without moving a muscle. I am simply extremely nervous when I go to the doctor's office. Jesus, my bloodpressure was 180/90! My mother, who NEVER took her kids to the doctor, always told me that whatever was wrong with me, was either all in my head, or could be cured with Milk of Magnesia! I suppose I get the feeling I am just imagening things, and will be found out as a fraud, from growing up under her care. At any rate, I get kind of keyed up at the doctor's office, and I react by speaking very fast, and trying to be ever-so upbeat.

Hyperactive?! Asshole...


Last night, I went shopping at Whole Foods Market. That place always makes me happy, and I tend to save money buying organic produce, organic milk,eggs, and free-range meats - I suppose because they can purchase the stuff in bulk, they don't have to charge an arm and a leg for it. Anwyway, I splurged, and bought some of the greatest coffee I have ever had. It was Allegro brand, Costa Rican coffee - $9.99 a pound! However, it was so worth the money. I drank some black this morning. Smooooth as a baby's butt! (I can feel the google hits now... Perverts!).


Kidlet and I are going to the community college this evening to a Gospel concert. She has to attend this for her Art Appreciation elective. So, we'll be a couple of gals getting some Class and Culture. Woo Hoo!


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