Now I don't know what to do. The gopher changed his route, from the lettuce area - 'cause I stuck the hose down the hole and turned it on full blast for about 5 minutes - and now he's digging up around my beans. Granted, I have more than enough beans for both of us. But, I just don't feel like sharing them with a rodent! So, I went to the nursery. I had to choose between poison, gas bombs and an evil looking trap. First of all, one of the other gardners told me the poison isn't all that effective. I don't want to think of the little guy dying in agony with a tummy ache either. Secondly I'm deathly afraid of the gas bomb. My dad used to use them on our gophers when I was a kid, and it scared me then too. So, that leaves the trap. Jesus, what a torture device. It only looks quick if it's accurate. What if the gopher gets his leg stuck in it? He won't die for a long time, and it will be a horrible death. I'm troubled and unsure.

I also purchased some herbs designed to make the gophers leave. Their roots are unfriendly to the gophers. Perhaps I'll plant them all around the garden, near my good plants and see if they work. I hope he leaves. I got more lettuce, more cauliflower and more cabbage. I DO NOT want to share them!


Oh. I figured out why the Linda Ronstadt CD. It's 'cause I sing soooo good with Linda! I had forgotten how she sings in keys that are flattering to my vocal stylings. I suddenly remembered that one of my ambitions in college was to BE Linda Ronstadt... Today, I'm barrelling along in the Geo (don't laugh), windows down, warbling "If you give me... WEED, WHITES AND WINE, and you show me a SIGN, I'll be WILLIN' to be MOVIN'!". Ah, yes. Memories!


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