I believe the gopher problem has been taken care of. I will go out and see if his stiff and pitiful carcass is out there a little later today.

There I was - in my half-eaten garden, gopher holes and tunnels making it almost impossible to plant anything - I kept falling into them. I had handfuls of my cat's pee'd on catbox litter clumps and I was busy placing them in and around the gopher holes (I thought placing preditor urine would possibly deter the gopher - like they do for moles) and I was about to plant "Gopher Purge" plants around the garden. Then, the old, Japanese gardner (he's probably the vice president of Toyota for all I know) from across the way walked by - saw my predicament and laughed at me! Now, I'm a laughing stock...

He went over to his own garden (a very nice, fully fenced in one at that) and brought forth the biggest, industrial sized trap I had ever seen. He didn't ask permission, he simply kneeled down, placed some Daikon in the hole, some Daikon in the trap and put the trap in the hole. He tied the trap to my little fence with a rope. That should be that. It must have been the will of Allah this little rodent infidel should perish... At any rate, his trap looked deadly accurate. As long as it's quick and sure, I'm more or less okay with killing the gopher. Otherwise, it is apparent, I will have no garden at all - just a gopher maze covered by loose (incredibly rich) soil...

After breakfast I'll go over and see what damage occurred.

p.s. Thanks to those who offered their clever advice and counsel in my guestbook. HA!!!!


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