No gopher closure. No gopher activity at all - not any digging, no new holes, no missing produce. He's never done that before. Perhaps he smelled death on the trap in his tunnel - the death of a friend or relative. Maybe the cat pee smell scared him - I know it scares me! Or, the Gopher Purge, planted on top of the holes I saw - he could have taken a nibble and headed for the hills... The trap was sprung, but nobody was in it, and no daikon was eaten. So, I re-set the thing - a gruesome little gadget. When it's sprung, the hapless victim is garrotted to death a la Tony Soprano. I still hope the gopher is going to leave on his own.


Continuing on in my CD madness, we visited the Wherehouse today - the Used CD racks were calling me. Purchased "Frampton Comes Alive" $8.99 - and then hit the 3 for $5 rack and ended up with John Wesley Harding "Pett Levels", The Best of Donny Osmond (Hey! He's HOT), and Melissa Ferrick - who I learned about here on Diaryland. She's actually quite good. My poor kid was hanging her head out the window of the car on the way home, as I rocked-on with Peter Frampton. Compared to the stuff I listen to these days, Frampton Comes Alive is really whimpy sounding. But, I love it just the same. The Frampton album is all about being 22 years old, living in San Pedro, above a corner market with my roommate - drinking Tequila Sunrises, and being in love with the most gorgeous Pakistani boy.... He was so good looking that when I introduced him to my roommate, all she could say was "Fuuuck.." He's chief of Pediatric Surgery at a rather prestigious hospital in the Valley now. Missed the boat on that one, now didn't I?? Story of my life!


October 14, 2001

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