I have written 3,462 words in the NaNoWriMo novel. My main character has been having sex (no, not with her cellmates - you pervert...), but back in her sordid past. So, the words just flow out of my fingertips. She's getting the good stuff, I can only barely remember.

I need to write more tonight, but first, the kidlet and I are going to a Dance Performance at the local community theater. It's part of her Art Appreciation assignment list. I do hope it will be entertaining. If not, I can get out my notepad and scribble future chapters of the novel.


I went a-farming today. I pulled weeds for an hour under cool, gray skies, and - then... I PICKED VEGGIES!!! I harvested my first batch of crops. It was thrilling to grab a hold of the bean plants and see so many beautiful, ripe bean pods. Green ones, yellow ones, and some purplish-black ones. Then, I went for the green onions. What a strong and glorious smell they have. Last, but certainly not least were the carrots. I ate one of those as soon as I got back home. Wow! What a difference an organic, babied, much loved carrot makes. There was no bitter after-taste. This carrot was almost tender! Sweet tasting veggies. I can't wait to try those beans!


I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed I had been grocery shopping, at night, and when I came back to my car, a group of Jesus-Freaks were approaching me in a group - walking kind of like those zombies in the Night of the Living Dead. They had seen my Pagan bumpersticker, and were intent upon getting me to see the "Light". I was really scared of those guys! So, in my dream, I noticed they had plastered my car with their church's tracts - and I told them I was going to call a cop, and report them for vandilism. They ran away like little girls!!! When I awoke, the owl was hoot hooting, and whoever his friend is, was honk honking. Ahhh. Sweet reality...


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