We got the official notice today. Christmas Bonus has been cancelled. I'm pretty much okay with it. Better that than being unemployed... Two weeks pay is a lot of dough though. I could always use cash. However, this new development will no doubt make for a different kind of Christmas in Milkland. More cozy. Less frantic trips to the mall, searching for just the right gift to give one of my acquaintences - who will probably never use/wear/think of it after Dec. 25th. The kidlet will make out okay - I always have enought money for her. We bought an artificial tree last year for $15. It looks very authentic. So there's another $70 I'll save from not having to buy a tree. I already have a closet full of decorations, so the apartment will be festive - Yeah, it will be fine. Actually, probably better than most!


Got a flu shot this morning, as well as a Pneumonia vaccination. I have asthma, so everything I get goes to the old lungs. Now, I'm pretty much assured I won't be sick with some horrific virus this winter. It was odd though, to be standing in line at the supermarket, with a bunch of geriatric patients - all waiting for our shots.


I'm not entirely sure I can finish this NaNoWriMo novel. The only time I had to write today was at lunch, and I only got 400 words down. Listen, I get up at 6 a.m., get my kid up at 6:30 - feed her breakfast, get in the shower, drop her off at school and get to my job a little before 8:30. I work from 8:30 - 5:00 with a one hour lunch - only 2 days of the week, I don't even get that because I have to drive across town to water my vegetables. When I get home from work, I have to fix dinner, talk to the kidlet, wash dishes, watch Buffy (Hey - some people go to church, I watch Buffy), Then, the kidlet also needs the computer for her homework. By 10 p.m. when she goes to bed - I'm freakin bushed. I promised myself one hour each and every night just for myself. I wanted to walk, get some of the lard off my ass. I am not doing that either. I sit at a computer all day, and now I'm sitting at night too. My 72 year old mother sits about the same amount of time as I do. That's just wrong. I'm going to see how this goes, but I'm just not sure I can finish in time. Maybe it's just the flu vaccine talking. We'll see.

Tomorrow Night! Smoochies with Spike! WooHoo!

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