I have been spending money like I have some, all weekend long. We went to the mall today - Kidlet thought we were going to buy shoes, and indeed we did. But, I really, really needed new clothes... Thank God for the recession! Everything was on sale. I got a pair of jeans, two sweaters, a darling pants outfit for work, and a very nice black shirt - two pairs of shoes for me - two for Kidlet. We went to Bath and Body Works and I got some things for my sponsees for Chistmas, plus two lipglosses for Kidlet. On our way out of the mall, we spotted a cool shop called "Forever 21" and I got Kidlet a really nice cloth coat that looks pretty darned Goth. Yesterday, we hit Michaels to get into the Christmas spirit. I don't get a Christmas bonus this year due to my company being run by some dumbasses who based this year's projections on last year's windfall - Duh! Can't have a windfall EVERY year! - so I have to be very creative with the old Christmas gifts. I found some giant Christmas-y mugs for $2.29 each. I'm going to fill them with homemade cookies and fudge, stick candy canes in them, wrap them in colored plastic wrap and give them to my 3 office mates. For my 3 bosses, I'm going to take photographs, enlarge them, and put them in some inexpensive - yet stylish frames.

We also hit Whole Foods yesterday. They were demonstrating their deli's Thanksgiving fare. We got a free mini-Thanksgiving dinner. Oh My God! They made a pumpkin/banana pie (sounds gross, but it was KILLER). I just may have to get one for Christmas...


I've got another one of those little bastard gophers in the garden. This time, I went over to OSH and got a gopher trap of my own. When I went to set it up yesterday, my gardner friend had already put one of his in, and tied it to a stake. That was nice. While I was fooling around, picking beans, he pulled a dead gopher out of a trap he had set across the path. Maybe it was mine - because I went over there today (in the rain) and no dead gopher in my trap. So, I re-set it, baited it, dug a hole and found the mother of all gopher tunnels. I stuck the trap inside and covered it with dirt. I will be very proud, if tomorrow, I find a dead little gopher butt hanging out of that trap!


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