I just had a beautiful Christmas shopping experience. During my lunch hour, I decided to grab a sandwich to go (at Togo's no pun intended...) and head over to Linen's 'n Things to pick up the Kidlet a shower radio - like she doesn't already spend enough time in there - for one of her Christmas gifts. Anyway, I picked out the radio and got into the check-out line. I was next at the cash register when a woman pushing a cart with two items in it got in behind me. She asked if I thought it would be a long wait because she had to pick up her 3 year old pretty quick. I told her she could go ahead of me, since I already had lunch waiting in the car, and besides, I was trying to rack up some good karma for the Christmas season. She thanked me, and went ahead. After a minute, another woman got in line behind me. The woman I had let into line, turned and asked me if I had my 20% off coupon. I replied that I did not even know of such a coupon - so , no I didn't have one. The woman in back of me, took a coupon out of her purse and handed it to me!! Wow, that karma stuff really works!

I'm not saying that karmic payback is that instantaneous all the time. I'm just saying, I have had these things happen so often, I really believe there's a karmic principle at work in the universe.

After September 11th, I had to wonder how so many people were made to suffer -and for what? They obviously didn't deserve their fate. Neither did the people who knew them and loved them. I hope I don't offend here - but, maybe this was painful karma for all of us. Maybe we've become so complacent that we allow our government (in our names) run roughshod over others, and we blithely go about - in our SUV's, talking on those cellphones - believing the pabulum we're fed about this country being a "beacon of freedom to the world", etc. Perhaps we were meant to feel this pain, in order to wake us up from whatever dream-state we've been lulled into. Maybe when each and every one of us takes a special interest in what "they" are doing out there in the big world - and if, no matter how "they" try to lie or confuse us - we hold them accountable - well, maybe we won't have to live in as much fear of bad karma. I'm just saying...

Thus endeth the rant.


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