Following my own advice, I joined up with the Feminist Majority last night. For a paltry $15, I get to in essence, rub shoulders with the likes of Mavis Leno! Plus, I'll be on the cutting edge (ouch!) of female troubles all over the globe.

Seriously, I really respect this particular organization, and I sincerely want to do a bit of dabbling in activism. From this humble beginning - actually not the beginning, my ex-husband and I used to be supporters of Greenpeace and Amnesty International - but, on my own, outside of the old grape boycott, I haven't done squat.


I'm so in the holiday spirit! The upcoming Thanksgiving weekend is looking wonderfully relaxing. Thursday, all to myself - wearing my warmest sweats (hopefully California will cooperate and be cold...), cooking a turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes - a pumpkin pie, cranberries - turkey gravy... And, no loud relatives! Just me and the cats, and all the little birdies. I think I'm going to watch The Godfather. I've seen it, no exaggeration, about 100 times. I know every word, every gesture - I saw The Godfather when I was in high school. I must have seen it 4 times back then, and of course, as soon as it was available on video, I snatched one up. When my daughter was a newborn, my husband and I would get up for the 2 a.m. feeding, and watch The Godfather until she passed out again. Watching that movie brings back some of the best memories of my marriage. I even dated a guy once who looked just like Al Pacino. Mmmmmm Mario, where are you now?

And, I may invest a few bucks in a pair of binoculars. I have decided to become a birdwatcher. I dreamed of owls last night. I wonder what that means...

Yep. It's going to be a nice weekend. The kidlet and I might even brave the crowds to see Harry Potter.


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