Ow! ow, ow, ow!

Farming is back-breaking, thankless, death-defying work. After today, I consider myself a true farmer. I nearly had sunstroke, heatstroke and a real stroke!

I spent over three hours in my garden, pulling weeds (3 weeks worth), harvesting vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, green onions, beans and Romaine lettuce), and afterwards, I shovelled two wheelbarrow's worth of MANURE onto my plot. I used muscles I didn't know existed - I know now, because they are screaming...


It looked as if it was going to rain tomorrow, but The Weather Channel says no. That's good and bad. Good because I want to take my camera (the Nikon, not the digital) down to the beach, and shoot some black and white film. I'm trying to get some nice photos for my bosses' Christmas gifts. Black and white just makes everything look that much more dramatic. If it doesn't rain, it means I have to go back to the garden again, to water the what vegetables are still left. Bah!


The kidlet and I saw the craziest thing tonight. We were at Hollywood Video renting some movies (The Wicker Man - really cool, Blade - first 15 minutes are great and then it goes downhill fast - and some girlie movies with ladies in big dresses for me, which I haven't seen yet). Anyhoo, we're in there, and this woman is at the front counter yelling at the manager. Apparently, she rented some videos from Hollywood Video in Torrance. She returned them to Blockbuster Video in Wilmington (about 5 miles from Torrance). When Hollywood Video called to tell her the videos were late, she started throwing a shit fit - like it was their fault!!! She's in the store, yelling at the staff about some guy at Blockbuster saying to her that the Hollywood Video guys came by and took the videos to the correct store... What a dumbass! The Blockbuster guys ripped off her videos, and the whole thing was her fault to begin with. She just would not listen. She was really harshing my mellow.


Oh yeah. In all my haste to memorialize George Harrison, I completely forgot. I have one degree of separation from GH! One of the women I sponsor is childhood, family friends with George's widow. She's a local gal made good, and my sponsee has actually hung out with George at family functions. She said he was very nice and quite down to earth.

Due to my former husband's music career, I have one degree of separation from lots of famous people (fat lot of good it did me, eh??) - including the namesake of the game himself, Kevin Bacon. You see, a few years ago, our church fired the minister. When a Unitarian church needs a new minister, there is no archdiocese that sends a new one. The church itself does a year-long search, with interviews, and committees, and visits back and forth. In the meantime, they need a temporary, or "interim" minister. These guys/gals are usually professional interim ministers - maybe they're retired, or they like to travel, I don't know. We got this guy by the name of Vic Carpenter. He was awesome - a really classic UU. Turns out, he was Kevin Bacon's minister when Kevin was a boy, and Vic claims to have encouraged Kevin in his show-biz aspirations. So, that means I have ONE degree from Kevin Bacon. Ahh. So close, but still no cigar.


Tomorrow, we're assembling the Christmas tree and then it's off to the beach!

Oh, yeah. I was such a good bargain hunter, I got the wheelbarrow AND a pair of binoculars. I believe I'll do a spot of birdwatching tomorrow as well. Now watch. It'll rain for sure.


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