For my 16th birthday, my best friend Barbara, threw a "surprise" birthday party for me. I knew all about the party, and I helped plan it. Only problem was my birthday party night fell on the exact same night as the Key Club Car Rally. All my friends chose to go to the rally instead of my birthday party.

All was not lost, as my birthday gift from Barbara was a boy! His name was Kurt, and I had had a crush on him since the 10th grade. He agreed to be my present 'cause he kinda liked me too. He showed up with a blue ribbon tied around his waist. From that moment on, the two of us were an item.

Kurt was my first love. Everything about those early days has been etched into my mind. Cold Southern California winter days - however few there are, always remind me of Christmas shopping with him for the first time. Angora sweaters (all the fashion rage in 1971) bring back memories of us smooching, and afterwards having to brush the fur off his shirt. Chocolate malts and dacshunds, pick up trucks, the scent of Yardley's English Leather - are all part of my memories of a precious time. And if I am so inclined, I can reminisce. However, there is one thing that will cause me to remember those days - without even trying. I can see, feel and smell an exact moment in time - sitting in my new boyfriend's Volkswagen bug in his driveway on a chilly winter's night, wearing my angora sweater - falling in love as only a high school girl can. That one thing is George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord", eminating from the 8-track speakers, with the v.w.'s engine thrumming in the background. I hear that song, and I am instantly transported back. It's one of my absolute, most favorite memories.

If for no other reason, I will mourn George Harrison's passing because he gave me that memory...


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