I was awakened this morning at around 8:30 by the crows yammering and hollering in the tree. This meant only one thing.... THE HAWK!

I stumbled off the sofa, nearly breaking an ankle, grabbed the trusty binoculars from where I had so cleverly perched them, opened the sliding glass door -and looked.

Wow. What a beauty he is close up.

His chest is beige, or really a cafe au lait color, with a few markings. Wings are nicely browned and those eyes. I could only think of the quote from the movie "Halloween" about Michael Meyers' eyes "They were the blackest eyes I had ever seen" Oh, they were black, and huge.

The hawk mostly ignored the ranting of the crows. He was trying to maintain his position on the branch with the wind blowing at him. Occasionally, he would crane his neck - looking about for something scurrying along the ground. I made some noise at one point, and he cocked his head, and looked down at me with those black, black eyes...

It took me a good ten minutes to realize just how effing COLD it was out ther in my bare feet! I went back inside, and left him some peace. What a glorious way to wake up.

The day has continued to be good so far. I made cranberry/orange bread instead of gingerbread. The gingerbread pan is already in use. "Howard's End" was on TV, and I love that movie. So, the house smells wonderful, I'm entertained, and we're safe and warm with the cold, cold wind howling outside.

I bought some bulbs yesterday - Daffodils, Iris, and Tulips. I was going to go to the garden today, and plant them, so in the spring, there will be beautiful flowers too. But it's just tooooo cold and windy. Next weekend for sure. Unless it rains. I am nature's bitch, aren't I?


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