I have a sinking suspicion that one of my sponsees may have had a cocktail or two this weekend...

I didn't ask. She was having a lot of trouble looking me in the eye today (we work together).

She's been showing symptoms of a relapse for a week or so.

She stopped going to her therapist.

She broke up with the sober, single guy who actually cared for her.

She took up again with the alcoholic, married man she's been screwing for the past 4 years.

She cancelled her secretarial duties at her home meeting.

She begged off of our usual Wednesday meeting...

She didn't even call me to check-in all weekend.

You may say to yourself, "Milkmaid, why didn't you do something??? Couldn't you have stopped her???"


See, I tried that save all the drunks crusade before. All that does is make the savior nuts. The drunks just go about their business, happy as clams. I even tried fucking a guy sober once. Well, it was fun, but ultimately pointless.

She knows where the telephone is.

She knows where AA meetings are held

She's got many, many phone numbers of other alcoholics.

She knows screwing a married alcoholic is bound to make her crazy (in fact, one of the few assignments I ever gave her was to write about how seeing him always makes her so depressed she takes to her bed, contemplating suicide/cocktails - I told her she didn't even need to let me read it - just write it so she could get a good look at the pattern... Not done).

I mean, she may be sober still, but I don't like the vibe I'm getting...


My bad karma at work continues. Everything I touch turns to shite.

My one boss, the really neurotic one, who literally can't handle an ounce of stress without cracking up - was so stressed out by my incompetence, I thought I was going to have to break out the Valium!

Then, I tried the good old shirking my duties behavior, that it seems everyone else at my company can pull off except me - it failed miserably when I tried to get the National Sales Manager to do my work for me - and he explained to me, exactly the parameters of MY job... I just can't win. His secretary is a notorious foot stamper/burst -into-tears type whenever she is asked to do the slightest bit of work. I just want to be able to master the art of getting out of stuff once in a while!


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