Ya know, one of the places you should be able to assume your child is safe from the ugliness of the world - might be church. Then again, you might be wrong..................................................

We are Unitarians. I know every congregation is different within the church - and each Religious Education program is different. But, I've just had it with the one we attend. My daughter, for some reason, is rather innocent. She attends a large, public high school. She knows how teenagers are, with all that sex and drug use. Duh! Both her parents are recovering alcoholics and/or dope fiends! She has to be exposed each and every day to scary and otherwise distasteful behavior of kids. We talk alot about whether or not it's okay to be friends with kids who smoke cigarettes or pot. We talk about how other kids will make certain connections between people who hang out together. If one of her friends is slutty, then other kids will most likely assume that she is slutty too. So far, she appears not to have fallen into any problem areas, and her friends seem to be nice, academically minded kids.

I picked her up from her Religious Education class last night, and she told me she was "pretty freaked out" by what she had heard. I asked her what was going on. She said that one of the guys was telling the group how he had stopped smoking "bud" last week. Another girl told the group how she really liked having sex with boys - even when they didn't call her afterward (this my daughter argued about - and told the girl she couldn't believe that it didn't bother her to have a boy do her and dump her.). Ya Know - this is completely NOT what I signed my kid up for. I don't need to pay $35 a year - PLUS take time out of our precious weekend - to drop her off at a place I previously had felt good about leaving her - only to have her exposed to the same trash she is exposed to every day at school!

I already thought the two "adults" who are supposed to be teaching/mentoring these kids are a couple of idiots from some other things I had witnessed. Now, I'm convinced of it.

I asked the kidlet what kinds of "religious" stuff they talked about in that class. (I used to teach Sunday School there - so I know they have a curriculum of some sort). She said they really just sit around and talk about those types of subjects. Bullshit, I say!

I didn't want to just tell her we were soooo not going back. That way, she would be determined to stay with the group. So, I said "You know, if you're freaked out - you don't have to go back there any more". She's all "But, you paid $35! I have to go back". I'm like - "No. I really don't care about the money kidlet..." So, we're done with Religious Education. She still wants to go to church with me, so that's good.

Hey. If we quit the RE class - I guess that means I'm officially off the hook for the punch and cookies duty in March! Woo Hoo!


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