I'm so very tired. Much cooking. Much serving. Much loud talking and laughing and eating - oh, the eating...

The turkey wasn't wrecked. I caught it in that nanosecond before it all got wrecked. The Honey-Faked ham turned out to be quite the hit. We never had ham for Christmas in my family of origin. I can't take turkey twice in two months, so ham was a nice change. My niece even ate a brussels sprout! Brave girl.

There is a large mess of dirty dishes in the kitchen. I'm waiting for the coffee to kick in, but it's not looking too promising.

So very, very tired.

My mom was trying hard to be good. She made the extra effort to go through the apartment and compliment me on my decorations and tree. She usually only sees the bad stuff, so that was nice. The only fly in the otherwise pristine ointment, was during dinner she mentioned that she couldn't possibly live in my building, because there are stairs to climb - even to get to the "ground" floor. She said she was going to look for a two-bedroom apartment, because at some point in the "near future" she was going to need someone to "take care" of her, and she wanted to have a two-bedroom ready for that person to move in.... Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!

Not that the person would be me, of course - but, she gets some wild hairs. I don't know how older, infirmed people work out these care issues. I guess I need to find out, huh? She's not rich, so I'm not even sure it's possible... Maybe she's heard about this kind of thing at the hospital where she does volunteer work. The place is just crawling with geriatrics.

Anyway, it was real festive, eating pie and thinking of good old mom with a nursemaid...

I'm going to drink more coffee now, and watch the last 20 minutes of Buffy. Very, very tired - but it was good.

Oh, and the Vampires downstairs? (well, they're actually more likely tweakers...) They've been up for days now - last night, they decided to hang pictures at about 11 p.m. I guess they ran out of crack, or amphetamines, or whatever - because they pretty much slept right through Christmas. Gee, and I'd forgotten how much fun you can have with drugs!!! Dumbasses...


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