Something to remember. After a week of eating little more than cereal, please try and avoid London Broil in a chipotle and lime marinade, plus double stuffed potatoes as a first meal... Can you say, "Ow!!??"

Today, it's back to the anorexia diet plan.


Ahh. My sponsee had a few cocktails. I sort of figured that was in the works, when at one point, I asked her what exactly the fuck she was thinking about - and she all of a sudden had to get off the telephone. She didn't call me again for a couple of weeks. Then, today she calls to let me know she had been having a few - and it wasn't as glamorous as she had remembered... Duh.

Poor thing has to go to a meeting today, where she used to be the secretary - and stand up as a newcomer. Hey. It happens. I only hope and pray, I never get so full of myself that I forget how close to being in her shoes I really am.

I haven't taken a cake this year. I have no desire to stand up in front of people who have heard my story ten years in a row, and tell it all again. It seems boring and pointless. I wonder if my reluctance to take a cake might be a symptom of bigger things to come. The last time I didn't show up at a meeting on my sobriety date - I was right in the middle of some heavy extramarital shenanigans, and didn't particularly want to show my ass.... Am I hiding again? If so, what?


The woman I purchased an item from on E-Bay, sent me an e-mail to let me know that the cast of QAF will be appearing at a television festival in L.A. in March. I am so excited! And, I'm SOOOO GOING!


Laundry, dishes and onto the mall....

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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