My kidlet is all wonky.

She has a few issues. Usually they don't rear their ugly heads. Lately though, she's been obsessing over an amusement park ride "Supreme Scream" at Knotts Berry Farm.

About three years ago, she was at Knotts with the YMCA kids. She almost went on the ride, but at the last minute, she chickened out. For three years, off and on, she gets an anxiety attack over that stupid ride.

We've been to Knotts numerous times and she's always declined to ride the thing. It has become a horrible monster of a ride in her head. For the past few days, she's been stressing so badly over whether she should ride it, she's thrown up. We tried different tactics. She said she didn't want to ride the thing, but she thought she should in order to get over her fear, but, she didn't want to ride it in the near future. She decided she would decide later - like next year. I thought that would hold her, but no. She thought she would decide sooner. Then she thought she should decide now. The more decisions she thought she needed to make, the more anxious she became Fuck!!!

Finally, I called her father, and told him to take her ass over to Knotts Berry Farm and onto that stupid ride ASAP! She's going tomorrow afternoon... Now she's pissed because he couldn't take her tonight.. Aaaaack!

I just hope she will sleep tonight without barfing.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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