Yesterday, we went to the mall to shop for an appropirate ensemble to wear to that thing I'm going to on March 2nd. I found a really nice DKNY outfit - black on black (looks fabulous with the blonde hair). We got home and I checked my phone messages. There was one from my brother, which said our mother was in the ER with what looked like a stroke...

Gee. This is fun.

So that I don't appear to be callous - I will miss my mother terribly when she finally does die. However, she's been trying to die for the past 10 years... She lived a very fast life - and it really took it's toll on her health. Being married to my alcoholic father for 26 years - her hard drinking, smoking, staying up late lifestyle. Stress kills too.

This woman had four heart attacks, and never went to the doctor for any of them. They only found evidence of them as they were giving her tests before her open heart surgery - to try and correct the congestive heart failure she later developed - as a result of the untreated heart attacks! She's had at least one previous stroke. She doesn't even remember it! Acts as if I'm nuts when I tell the doctors about it. Doesn't remember she threw a blood clot from her heart to her leg and ended up with surgery and coumadin.

My mother is a pip, I tell ya!

So, we spent the afternoon and early evening hours sitting in a cubicle in a jam-packed emergency room. My mother had some numbness in her right arm and hand. They ran a battery of tests and admitted her for an overnight observation. Good times. Good times.

The DKNY outfit? Didn't fit.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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