We ventured up the hill to the Unitarian Church this morning. Well, I sort of had to go - I'm cookies and juice lady for the month of March. Yecchh!

Instead of hanging out in the kitchen, we actually went inside the church building and listened to the sermon. Geez. I got such a headache.

Our ministers weren't there. Those two have more holidays than the post office! We pay them an exhorbitant salary, AND have purchased them a home in Palos frickin Verdes. Maybe they should show up for work once in a while... Anyway, the minister emeritus - who is 80 years old, gave the sermon. Back in the '60's, this guy was a real firebrand - He was really cool. He used to drive women and underage girls down to Tijuana, to get abortions when they were still illegal here in the states! Almost ended up in the joint for that! Nowadays, though, he's sort of lost his edge...

He gave this long, irritating sermon about how the rich are really rich and the poor are very poor, and we have a lot of enemies all over the world, in developing nations - and we need to give them all money so they won't hate us. He says we need to build their countries up, like we did to Japan and Germany after WWII...

Trouble with that - is the U.S. government, and all their rich-fuck allies, have decided it's really important that WE have ALL the money. If we gave any money to some developing nation full of people who hate us - well, that's some money that WE wouldn't have!

See, the more poor, under-developed nations full of hungry and angry people there are out there, the better the U.S. Government and all their rich-fuck allies like it. More places to force our way of life on. More people to oppress. More natural resources to steal. More $$ for US!

Ain't nothin gonna change, until we get these evil-doers out of office, right here in the good old US of A...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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