Boo Hoo! Poor me, I'm so depressed.... Gawd, I hate this. I'm passed PMS'ing, and now I have a sinking depression.

I had the kind of shitty day at work - where everything I haven't done in the past three months - was found out by one or the other of my bosses. ALL the chickens came home to roost today.

I managed to put out a couple of fires, and now I'm exhausted. Yesterday, I went home from work early (due to a 15 minute dentist check-up), and instead of using the extra home-time constructively - I took a nap.

Tonight, the kidlet is making me go to the mall. I hate the fucking mall. At least I'll get some exercise. If we cruise it fast enough, perhaps some endorphins will get caught in my brain's synaptic gap and I'll feel more chipper.

Tomorrow, I can't even sleep in (ahh, sleep) because, stupid me - I let my Auto Club lapse and now I have to go there and renew, so I can renew my car registration, which I also let lapse...

Just a little Prozac is all I'm asking for...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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