Happy Trails to You...

My boss is gone. Whew!

The past two days have been hell. Work, work, work, work, work. I so hate that!

My boss is very nice, don't get me wrong - but, he's always under foot when he comes to town. Touching my stuff. Wanting me to find things for him. Expecting me to be busy, and not staring into space for hours... The nerve!


Last night - finally - my boyz were on "Larry King Live".

How does Larry King stay employed, by the way? I hardly ever watch him - except for when Marie Osmond is on. I love Marie! shhh... don't tell anyone... But, I digress. Larry King is a doddering old fool. A hack. He's practically senile! He had the cast and producers of "Queer As Folk" on his show, and all he had to do was remember who was who - and, perhaps have seen a snippet of the show - or read a synopsis. Simple enough when all you do is work one hour a day... But, no. He kept asking the wrong people each others questions (oh, and really, only one question was asked over and over and over) "How does it feel to kiss/make love to a man, when you are not gay?" Jesus! He completely missed it when one of the cast members practically came out to him. The guy says "the jury is still out" on his sexuality... Bumbling old Larry just kept right on reading from his questions list... Dork!

All in all, though, I was happy to see my boyz. (and gals too). It's great for the show to get more mainstream publicity. I can see all those housewives in Nebraska, secretly tuning in to Showtime, Sunday nights at 10...


I'm feeling better and better since I've been taking antibiotics. I don't have a full 10 day quantity, but I'll probably be okay. My nose is clearer, my ears feel a lot better, and I haven't been dizzy since the day after I started taking them. God only knows what kind of oozing pustules I had festering in my head!

Gotta go. Much more relaxing to do before I clock out and go home!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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