Okay, you know what? I think the vampire from downstairs really did die...

First of all, she sort of disappeared back in February. There was no indication that anyone lived downstairs. No doors closing, no running water noises. I sort of figured she and her boyfriend were involved with a rock band. Maybe they went on tour or something, because there were stretches of time before, when nobody was home.

Then one day last month, her mother and father were in her apartment, moving boxes out. I was tempted to say hello to them, and ask after her, but since I didn't really know her, that felt too weird and nosey, so I didn't.

I figured she was off in rehab, or she moved back with the parents or something.

Well, today, there were two men in the apartment, moving out her furniture and clothes and pictures from off the walls! You don't usually leave that stuff behind, do you? Unless you're dead!

Now, I want to ask somebody if they know what happened, but this is one of those buildings where people keep strictly to themselves... Apparently, I'm the only "Mrs. Kravits" here. Dammit!


Next weekend, the kidlet, a male friend and I are attending the Long Beach Gay Pride festivities. (okay, I just have to say this) My friend is a very big fan of Queer As Folk, and he had already suggested that I join him at the West Hollywood Gay Pride parade in June, and he's going to this with me - Gee, do ya think he just might be gay????? It would be nice if he mentioned it to me. Not that it makes a difference, but we're friends for Christ's sake! I tell him everything. This tiny little detail is too much for him to share???? Grrrrrrr! Maybe he doesn't know he's gay. Maybe I should tell him.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to going. I think it will be really fun. Plus, Pat Benatar - the only legitimate female rocker in history - will be performing on one of the days. And, the Motels will be there too, and there will be comedians and entertainment galore. A perfect early summer adventure.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk Brian, QAF

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