FOUR HOURS. Four hours, and THREE spiral notebooks...

Note to self: Next time you get somebody to sponsor - Never let them take a year to write their 5th Step... Four fucking hours. This woman had a resentment against an old friend, who lost one of her $7 camping chairs!!!!! Four.hours!!!!

It was a good experience for me though. It was good for her too. She beats herself up emotionally. She picks men who are emotionally abusive, and thinks she can put up with their abuse long enough to "will" them into loving her.

The crazy stuff we do trying to get loved...

I told her that the biggest amends she would make, would be to herself. She owes herself bigtime for all the shit she's put herself through.


Had sort of an interesting discussion on line today with a couple of members of the intelligensia... One, straight out of the university, and full of book-learnin' - and one who is a sociologist. The discussion sort of touched on whether careful parenting, mothering specifically, was genetic - an instinct, or whether it was socially conditioned in women.

Well, I pulled my pet theory out - the one that says women have lost their ability to hear their inborn nurturing voice. We've lost so much of our natural power, trying to be "equal" to men. I believe females have an instinct to nurture and protect future generations. It's sort of what we're here for...

Well, the sociologist said that humans do not have instincts. None! Another poster and I, noted a certain "suckling" instinct that babies have, and there is the instinct for survival, and the mating instinct as well. Wrong! sez the sociologist. She says that when scientific types get together and they use words like "instinct" - they don't mean the same thing as we do - or what dictionaries mean.... Well, excuse the fuck out of me! I still say humans are basically animals. I still say there is a certain zen to giving life, and raising and protecting that life for the future of the species. I say that zen-like instinct lies somewhere in my brainstem, and the brainstem of every other female mammal... I feel my connection to the earth and to the moon when I sit quietly under the sky at night. I feel my connection to every living creature on this planet. I am a part of this place, just like the crickets I am listening to right now. I am genetically programmed to bring forth life, and help it grow.

No instincts... How absurd!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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