It didn't hurt at all yesterday when I took my walk. That's only 4 walks before the body started to accept exercise again. Not bad! I remember when I began an exercise program a couple of years ago. I was so out of shape, I could barely make it to the corner and back. As I increased the walking distance, it was uncomfortable, but the discomfort would fade if I kept it up.

This time, it only took 4 walks! Whew! Plus, as I rounded the park, I even imagined myself running again... Of course, I can't try it yet, I'll keel over with a heart attack or something - but, soon. Soon, I'll be hearing the joyous sounds of my Reeboks hitting the pavement, and doing that "whooo, whooo" breathing that I loved to do when I ran.

We also got sugar-free chocolate candies last night. I've been doing far too much sugar for my own good. Sugar is lovely, don't get me wrong. When I was growing up, it was one of our 5 food groups. But, it does fuck up a person's system. The sugar free "S'mores" were pretty good.


One of my sponsees is coming over later to give me her 5th step. It should be a long process, as it took her over a year to write it. Jeez. What kinda stuff did she do??????


I plan on adding other cells to this page because, lovely as it is - it's kinda boring. I'll have to wait til next weekend for that. I'm really excited though. I can do this! I really can!

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