I think my kid is going crazy. No, really. She has insanity in the gene pool, on her father's side. (Oh, yeah. I just HAD to have his semen, huh?)

My kidlet has always had socialization problems. First, because both her parents fancy themselves to be artistes, and they used to love to sit around in their imaginary berets, having loud and passionate debates over politics, music, religion - whatever... Secondly, because her dad was such an antisocial person, he didn't allow visitors into the home. Nobody. Except sometimes his brother, Steve. My kid never really saw people interacting in a social manner with others. So, she's had some difficulties in school, making and keeping friends. She's also an only child, so she doesn't have brothers or sisters to hang out with.

She's spending a lot of time by herself this summer. She claims she's enjoying it, and that it's relaxing - drawing and reading and writing her fanfics.. She's also taken to buying b@rbie dolls, and painting them, altering their skin colors, and facial expressions to match different characters she draws and writes about. They look awesome! She's got a punk b@rbie, a goth b@rbie, a couple of comic book character b@rbies - it is awfully cool. I think she must be lonely though... I asked her if she wanted to hang out with her cousin, and she said no. I suggested she contact a couple of her girlfriends from school, to see if they wanted to go to a movie or something. She didn't seem particularly interested in that either. She says spending a lot of time doing very little, makes the summer relaxing and long.

I dunno. Gotta keep my eye on her...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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