So, my message board went over to the Soul F00d message board. We kicked ass and took names!

One of our posters was reading their board, and came across a bunch of homophobic, bible thumping posts about my show, and the sinfulness of homosexuality. He brought it to our board's attention...

Well! A bunch of us cyber-stomped over there and demanded a discussion! It was such fun!

Our board is a multi-factioned group. There are the doofy "girly-girls" who mostly only post to each other, and usually it's about Brian and Justin, the cute power couple of the show. Then, there's a group who have been friends now for a couple of years. They have a thread with a cutsie name, and in order to be one of them - they get to vote on you. Then, there's the angry gay guys, who mostly harass the girly-girls, and post threads which are gay related, either politically or socially or both. I try and hang out with them when they'll let me. Our little board fights and carries on between ourselves night and day.

We may fight, but if some "outsider" makes a homophobic comment, and we hear about it - we are as tight a unit as you will ever find! We've destroyed many a misguided religious nut, who has found their way onto our message board.

Let me tell you. What happened on the Soul F00d message board was amazing! Of course, the angry gay guys and I were over there, countering their points. There was even a gay rights activist (who's pretty much of a nut job) who joined the fracas. He did better with them than he does with us. He and one of the Soul Fooders even exchanged e-mail addresses. The most amazing thing of all, was the "girly-girls"!! We had no idea they had even been paying attention, they're usually so busy making googly eyed comments about their "boys"! Those gals were over at the Soul F00d message board, just slugging it out with those people! And they were making good points too - countering Bible verse with Bible verse, giving personal accounts, trying to knock logic into closed minds. Those little twits, ROCKED!

Anyway, the battle raged on for two whole days. In the end, we took four hostages. Women, who were open minded enough to see where their comments - though unintentional - were insensitive and their ideas were wrong. Even though it was only 4 changed hearts - and how long they will stay changed is anybody's guess - That's 4 people, who may change the way 4 other people think,who may change 4 others. On and on and on.

We did good work.


Today the kidlet and I went to the mall and bought some clothes for back to school. I realize that I am dreading the beginning of school, and I am resisting the change of season. I usually can't wait for summer to end, and for fall to begin. I love the fall. Even though we live in California where the weather is pretty much the same all year - we do have seasons. They are subtle, but some time in late October, I will be standing on my balcony, and I can smell the autumn air. I like subtle... Anyway, I know why I am dreading school starting. It's that damned September 11th! I have post traumatic stress disorder from 9/11. I know what PTSD is, because I have it from my childhood. It sneaks up on me at the weirdest times, like when I'm eating at the dinner table, and all of a sudden I can't breathe and I need to get away from the table as fast as I can. That's how PTSD works. Awful experiences repeat themselves in your brain for the rest of your life - but, you don't always know they're coming... I guess my subconscious is desperately trying to avoid September 11th of this year. Since I know that's what it is, I am consciously looking for good feelings about the fall and winter to replace the bad ones. We went to Michaels last night, and we looked at all the Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff. I thought about decorating the tree, and how our apartment would smell like cinnamon and the weather would be cold... I even did a bit of preliminary Christmas shopping today. It helped a little bit. I will need to do a lot more of that, I can tell.


Oh! I found some fabulous new spectacles! I have decided to re-invent my outsides, to go with the new, more mature me I am becoming. I have to leave the "sex-kitten" persona behind. It's time. God, is it time... Monday, I'm having my hair bobbed, and I'm purchasing some of those new-fangled rectangular shaped, plastic spectacle frames. I look much better in those than I ever did in wire rims.(Thank God they're back in fashion). I may even spring for those invisible bi-focal lenses so I can wear the glasses all the time - even when I read. This last time, I really didn't wear the glasses much, because whenever I needed to read, I had to take them off. Plus, glasses interfered with the image I had of myself as the sex-kitten. If I'm spending big bucks, I should wear the glasses all the time. Seeing is good. Hell, it's practically a necessity!


I gotta go throw out all the crap I cleaned out of the refrigerator today. How many bottles of salad dressing does one household require anyway?

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian QAF

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