Those bastards at Sam G00dy! They sold me a defective video tape. It was probably already returned as defective, and they wrapped it up and re-sold it to me.

Last weekend, I went on this majorly destructive shopping spree. Gawd I did some damage to the family fortune. At any rate, one of my purchases was this Yoga tape by that guy Rodney Yee, or whatever his name is. They're always advertising his tapes on SoapNet. He's got a hot body, and I need to stretch because I'm old now, so I bought it at Sam G00dy for $12.99. I also bought an inexpensive pair of headphones for my CD player (not the kind with the ear buds. Those hurt!!) They were S0ny and cost a mere $8.99.

I found the same pair of headphones at B0rders for $5.99. Since I'm feeling extremely guilty for the spending spree, I am really pissed that I got ripped for an extra $3.00, so I decide to take the headphones back for a full refund, and buy the $5.99 ones at B0rders.

The Yoga tape was all fucked up when I tried to watch it.

Sam G00dy will only allow me to trade for the same exact video, and only if I can present my receipt. There will be no getting back the miss-spent $12.99. I'm stuck with Rodney Yee now. Okay. Fine. So, I'm going to have to settle for recouping my $3.00. Except I can't find my stupid receipt!! I mean, I have receipts from the 7/11 from 1999 in my purse. Where is the Sam G00dy receipt from 72 hours ago? Gaaaaaaah!!! I'm so stressed out over $3.00, I'm going to need Rodney Yee. But I can't switch tapes because - I.Can't.Find.My.Receipt..............

October 16, 2002

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