Well, you'd think being able to take in, and care for an abandoned, one-eyed cat, would be a completely do-able thing, wouldn't ya? Why, with so many feral cats, clogging up our neighborhoods, reproducing at alarming rates, and pretty much starving or leading miserable lives - the idea of one less to worry about would be considered a good thing... Yeah, fucking right!

Sunday, I headed over to the cat adoption place at our local pet shop, cat carrier in hand, to pick up the little kitten we had fallen in love with. I figured, since my two cats live in the lap of luxury, eating Science Diet, sleeping with humans, laying around in the sun all day, and watching Animal Planet by night - our adoption of "Sammy" (Come on! Sammy Davis Jr?? - One eye???) would be a quick and easy process.

Until I had to deal with her. The "Cat Lady"... This controlling, frustrated old cow of a woman - who told me she would "review" my "application". However, she felt it would be better for the cat to have a "younger companion" than my two middle-aged cats. Because it would "force" the cat to play. Because she had noticed the cat seemed to be rather shy. The cat has one eye!!! Its depth perception is all effed up! How's it going to feel when a young, playful kitten literally blindsides it while playing???? Boy, that will be fun! Plus, maybe the kitten is just quiet by nature. Something wrong with that?

I left the pet shop, empty cat carrier in hand. I called my ex-husband's cellphone, because he had the kidlet with him, and I didn't want her to come home, expecting a kitten - when there was no kitten to be had.

He's all "What? She wouldn't let you have the cat? Where's this place. I'll go get it"... An hour later, he calls back. "What a bitch!!!!" She wouldn't let him have the cat! She added that "pressing the matter would only make things worse"

I feel so sorry for that cat. Here it is, banging its head against the cage, like some Romanian orphan baby - while some fat-assed control freak plays goddess with its life.

I really wish she'd call to tell us she's decided to "allow" us to adopt the cat. I'd like to tell her where she could shove it... (but, of course, I wouldn't. I'd go get the kitty, and give it the best life ever - just to spite her!)

October 29, 2002

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