Blessed Samhain to all!

I have three little words for ya. Three words that will change your life - just like they changed mine...Diet Vanilla Coke

I'm ready for NaNoWriMo to begin tomorrow. Right after work, I'm sitting down to the computer - pot of coffee at the ready (gawd, at times like these, I wish I still smoked, 'cause that would be cool). I've got my CD's all lined up and ready to play. I know my main character's personality (he's based on a person who actually lives, so his looks are already in my head, plus I've got his attitude and tattoos down pat). I know what the character does for a living (private detective) And, my guy is going to somehow, uncover corruption and crime that leads him all the way to the nation's capital! Just *how* that happens is the mystery that my muse will help me uncover. Whatever I can't fill in with facts, I can stuff with sex... Hey! It doesn't have to be GOOD, it just has to be FINISHED!

I believe it would be an accomplishment for me to actually finish a project for a change.

I'm going to wander down the hall towards the Marketing Department. They've got chips and dip. I need salt!

Check THIS out! Woo Hoo! I'm one of my FAVORITE Characters from "OZ"!

I am Kareem Said
Which Oz character are YOU?

Kareem Said is soooooooo hot! Love those shower scenes, baby!

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