Meniere's Disease (or is it a syndrome) is a very weird thing to have. You can feel it coming on - but there's nothing you can do about it...

First, out of the clear blue, there is a loud, high-pitched noise in my right ear. It goes on for a while and then, just as suddenly, stops. When this happens, 75% of the time, within 48 hours, I'll be dizzy as hell.

The dizziness (or rather, vertigo, 'cause the world is spinning - not me) isn't as intense as it once was. And I have some stuff to take, so I don't get nauseated - but it does put a crimp in certain activities. Like turning my head, or bending over. The dizziness lasts a few hours - to a couple of days - depending. On what, I couldn't tell ya.

The really *fun* part, is the next day, after the dizziness. That's the "stupid" day. It's kind of like a post-migraine thing. The world is difficult to understand. There's not enough coffee on the planet, because I can't fully wake up. Driving the car, is seriously dangerous (I almost crashed a bunch of times this morning.) It's difficult to pay attention to conversations, television, reading material. I'm simply stupid for a whole day.

Then, just as quickly - it disappears, and I'm my normal self again...


The falcons are back!!!!!! I saw them today. One on the telephone pole, and the other on the scoreboard of the Little League field. The female is much larger than her mate. And she's still a better hunter! I watched her dive down and grab a bug or something off the parking lot. Her landing needs improvement, she was all wings akimbo, but she caught her supper and flew away. Yay! The Falcons!!!!!!!!


Kidlet went for her first therapy appointment with this new guy on Wednesday. She and I both really like him. He told me that from their first meeting, he couldn't see anything "scary" going on with her. He said that because she's very thoughtful and "gifted", she naturally has trouble socially. He said that if she were mediocre, she'd fit into the crowd naturally (as I smile and laugh to myself). What she has to do, to counteract the torment of her mediocre schoolmates, is to develop "ultra-confidence". Gotta get some of that - but where??? She's going to see him a few more times, just to make sure she's really not nuts or something. She really does need a person to talk to who is NOT me. I can't be freakin' everything to this kid. At any rate, the first 5 sessions are free, and after that it starts costing me. I'm going to just play it by ear. I still love that "mediocre" comment. I look at all those torturous little bastards coming out from the high school, and I can think "You're mediocre" HA!


Oh well. Time to mash some potatoes. Turkey leftovers anyone?

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