So I didn't get my ass chewed too badly over the SUV commentary. Whether it's bullshit or not, I still think it is important for everyone to look at their own part in the big picture. Hanging an American flag off the back end of an SUV is the height of hypocrisy.


I'm tired and cranky today. My kidlet kept me awake last night - apparently, sleepwalking. I thought she was awake, as she carried on conversations and played with the cat. She claims she doesn't recall any of it.

She's becoming somewhat of a typical teenager. Bad attitude. Smart mouth. I told her last night that she needed to treat adults with respect, even when she thought they were full of it (as she tends to think all adults are full of it now anyway). She gets out of school, and on the way home buys a Big Gulp at the 7/11. Afterwards, she's out of her mind, hyper, and doesn't see the connection between the B.G. and falling asleep near midnight... I suppose she could be firing up a doobie after school instead, so I should count my blessings. Anyway...


48 days until the third season of "Queer As Folk" begins. I am cautiously optimistic that the two ass-clown producers will have heard our cries, and all the posturing they've been doing in the media is just that - posturing. Maybe season 3 will redeem my show. Let us pray.

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