So, I had to get the kidlet out of school at lunchtime, because she was too depressed to be there.

I brought her home, and dialed her therapist's voicemail. I advised him that we needed to really do something NOW about her depression. I can't remember exactly how I worded my message, because I was far too upset and worried. But I know I made my point abundantly clear.

She saw him at 6. I made sure that before they got together, I wanted her to tell him everything she told me about how she was feeling, and what she was thinking. She did. I could hear her wailing from the waiting room.

After they were done, I got to go in. He does finally concur with me that she has a bit of a depression going on. Since he's not a psychiatrist, he can't prescribe anyting for her, but he did agree to speak with our family physician about this. I am going to call the doctor tomorrow to see about getting in right away, and get this poor kid on some antidepressants.

I mean, the kid does have other issues. She's got major socialization problems (most likely the culminating reason for her current depression), and she's got some codependency going on with me, and her dad. That comes with the territory of having two alcoholics for parents. We may be sober, but we're still not all right - ya know?

Anyway. It's been a rough day. Knowing we have an option makes me feel a bit better. And the kidlet is feeling like there's hope for her in the world too.

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