Uh oh. Serves me right, not watching the news anymore...

I had no idea we were all supposed to run around like Chicken Little, buying up plastic sheeting and duct tape. My bad!

I suppose, after I take the kidlet to the headshrinker this evening, we will swing by BigLots. They have EVERYTHING you need in a disaster, at half the price. They've got weird, European canned foods, toilet paper, plastic sheets, batteries, bottled water - and darling plastic storage tubs for $3.99.

I certainly hope those nasty terrorists don't find us with their germy smart bombs. My apartment is so drafty - I can see daylight around my door jam... And I hope the guys downstairs are home to plug up their air leaks too. Because whenever they make dinner, the fumes come up into my apartment through the floor of the bathroom of all places. So, if their apartment is flooded with, say, pneumococcus or syphillis - mine will be too.

I'm not going to worry about it.


Every year, my cats go through the same horrific ordeal. The Westminster Dog Show. We all line up on the sofa for two nights of doggie goodness. Me, ooohing and awwwing over various breeds, and them - with terrified eyes, as their sworn enemies sashay past. Mwahahahahah!

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