Nice, nice weekend. Except for the not being able to sleep in part. But that made the days longer - ergo, longer weekend, right?

Yesterday, I made my way to the brand new Kohls department store in our neighborhood. They're having a huge sale, so the prices of everything are really low. I snatched up a couple of new outfits because I don't have any warm weather stuff to wear, and it's HOT with a sweater on in 80 degrees. The clothes cost me $100. But they were sort of free, because out of the $600 my daughter's psychiatrist billed the insurance company for - I got reimbursed $100. Freakin' $100!! - Gaaaaah! Not going to concern myself. Karma. It will all sort itself out later, so I won't dwell on the unfairness of it all. I will be happy to have $100 worth of "free" clothes.

Oh yeah. I got sidetracked. Along with the clothes, I picked up one of those mini-Ge0rge Forman grill things! Wow, is it ever cool! Tonight, I grilled a couple of salmon steaks on it and they were wonderful! I served them with a salad of mixed greens with walnuts and goat cheese, and a small, steamed artichoke. It was so good. Really. George F0rman ROCKS!

On a related, but marvelous note - my kidlet is doing so well on Wellbutrin! The doctor is weaning her off Paxil due to the whole lost orgasm side-effect, but the difference in her demeanor on Wellbutrin is amazing! She just feels good these days. And she doesn't seem to be troubled as much by her obsessions. She says they're there, but she just doesn't pay attention to them. I think that's a goal. To have them become background noise, instead of the main attraction. I'm very cautiously optimistic about all this.

I ended up writing a three page letter to the ex-husband. Nothing inflammatory. Just some facts about our daughter's situation and condition - what she is feeling and how he hasn't been any help thus far. I attached a page from the American Academy of Adolescent and Child Psychiatrists on OCD. Since he hasn't bothered to pick up a book about it, maybe if he reads what I sent - he'll fucking get it. Knowing him the way I do - I know my efforts will have been futile - but for the sake of working my side of the street - I had to try.

In the middle of writing this, I stopped and took my dog for a walk through the neighborhood. I really love walking that dog. Who knows, I could actually become more physically fit from owning a pup...

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