Listen. Internet "fandoms" are a real treat.

You meet the most interesting people. Interesting enough to make you wonder if you are so mentally fucked up is the reason you met them in the first place!

I had to laugh this morning, when I received an urgent email from a fandom buddy. She's all upset, because a member of another fan board had accepted my offer to be my board's co-administrator with me. She's hysterical because the competing board got wind of this - and they're gonna kick him out of their board because he's a "traitor" and working for the "enemy"..... Gaaaaaaaaah!!!!

And exactly HOW OLD are we??

I don't usually mind the wack jobs I run into on-line. I enjoy some of them - and I adore others. However, there are some wack-jobs that irritate the crap outta me. Those would have to be the people who probably don't appear crazy to the outside world. You know, the ordinary housewives, bank employees, spouses of police officers - who had rough childhoods. No. They never got invited to birthday parties, or asked to join sororities. Now, however, at the age of 30, or 40 - they have the ability - FINALLY - to get even with their oppressors. They wield the power now, and don't you forget it! They can use words like "traitor" and they can "kick you out" if you dare to offer a different oint of view.

Hello? Fan Board??? Not at ALL important in the giant scheme of things...

In my opinion, these are the same types of individuals who foster mob mentalities out there in the big world. Their insecurities are so great, and have such an overwhelming impact on their day-to-day lives - they cannot tolerate an opposing idea. These people cling to one another, not so much out of friendship or appreciation for each other's gifts - but out of desperation and terror that they will once more be found lacking - and shut out.

I believe mob mentality got Dubya s/elected as President - and is the reason he's been allowed to invade Iraq and who knows whatall else he's got going. There is a gigantic mass of humanity - with the self esteem of watermellons, who are too afraid to think, and stand up - alone if necessary - to change things.

If I were in charge around here - I would order mandatory Group Therapy for the entire fucking country! Instead of the Pledge of Allegiance - everyone would have to quote Stuart Smalley "I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it - people LIKE me!"

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