"I gave a speech to the nation that was cleared by the intelligence services. And it was a speech that detailed to the American people the dangers posed by the Saddam Hussein regime. And my government took the appropriate response to those dangers. And as a result, the world is going to be more secure and more peaceful."

Excuse me, you fascist, lying, election-stealing, criminal, asshat! That would be OUR government! And don't you EVER forget it!!


I only heard the Pat Robertson/Liberia President bit really quick while I was getting ready for work this morning - but did he say that this crooked, train 10 year old boys to sever arms guy, should be left alone to run the country, because he's a Personal Friend of Robertson's and a Baptist Minister? Oh. I see. That's very different now, isn't it?

Wasn't Pat Robertson the head of the "Christian Coalition", who backed our current p/Resident and who was buddies with all the Reagan/Bush/Bush cronies?

This is going to be more fun to follow than that crazy Saddam/Uranium/CIA/Speech thingy.

Who knew Reality TV could be so entertaining?

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