I know I don't qualify, but I just had to swipe this from Thomas Osborne's cool diary:

mama's boy
You Are The Mama's Gay Boy

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Well, if nothing else, LOOK AT ME! I'm YUMMY!


Today was filled with odd sensations. Like, the wind felt really soft. Not softly blowing, but the wind itself was soft. And it was just the right temperature. And the chicken I had for dinner was infused with some wonderful garlicky flavor. While I was waiting in the car for the kidlet to finish looking around the local video game shop, I got to listen to a CD I've had for a while by the Lo-Fidelity Allstars. I usually only listen to one of the cuts, but damn! That CD was really good. It's this strange techno-mix stuff that sounds like music you'd hear in the background in some uber-trendy shop, in a ultra-cool neighborhood.

I did something strange today as well. I looked up an ex-boyfriend on the internet. He was my first love, from highschool, and I haven't been in contact with him for some time. He's an attorney for a big law firm, so I looked up their website, only to find they'd closed the local office and he was gone. Gone! So here's the weird part. I dialed the old, local number from the webpage that was still up. Knowing full well nobody would be there to answer, I just let the phone ring and ring... And I got a memory. One Friday night, back in 1972, he and I got into an argument in his dad's Porsche. I got out, slammed the door, and stomped into my parent's house. Of course 30 minutes later, I was sorry, and wanted to call him to apologize. I rang his house but nobody answered the phone. I called back time and again, worried that he'd been in an accident - frantically wishing he'd answer. Of course, I was only 17 years old and my parents wouldn't let me drive over to his house to make sure he was okay, so I just let the phone ring and ring... And nobody answered then either.

Of course, he ended up being just fine. Apparently, my slamming his dad's Porsche door did something to it, and boyfriend had to spend a lot of time fiddling with it before daddy found out about it.

The next morning, I borrowed my mom's Toyota and drove over to his house. I remember Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" was playing on the car stereo. He was sound asleep in his twin bed. I crept in, and we had fabulous make-up sex, the way only two teenagers in love could...

What a weird thing to remember.


Oh yeah! The Episcopal Church ROCKS!!! By appointing the very FIRST openly GAY Bishop!

It's a victory. Plain and simple. The good guys won!

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