That's how my brain feels right this minute.

What a day this has been! Up at 3:30 in the morning for coffee and donuts. Got into Geo at 4:30 and hit the road for the airport. Kidlet's flight to Cincinnati was at 6:35 a.m. and even though we were there 90 minutes early, we still had to sprint through the terminal, dodging suitcases and narrowly missing toddlers, in order for her to make the plane... She made it. I went back home to walk Reggie and head for work. Remarkably calm, considering my flying issues.

I tracked her flight to Cincinnati. Because her original flight left 10 minutes late, she only had about 20 minutes to navigate the Delta terminal and find the correct gate, clear security and board the plane. Could she do it? My nerves began to jangle. I received no hysterical phone calls, so I once again lapsed into a more or less calm state of mind.

Then IT HIT. The Power Failure of the Century!!!! My child was up in an airplane, on the east coast, where people were roaming the streets! Chaos abounding!! Were planes landing anywhere? Were they circling?? Did the pilot become disoriented??????

I couldn't tell, because Delta's on-line tracker went all to shit when the power failure happened. As did their voice auto, phone tracker!

This is when I started freaking out sincerely. My office mates were just about to slap me, like in some Bette Davis movie - when one of them thought to check the Bangor airport. Yes. The flight had arrived safely...

That's about the time I discovered my child had taken off from the Cincinnati airport in heavy rain and thunder storms. Heh. Eeeeearghhhhhpfffffttthth...

My kidlet is a seasoned traveller now. Please pass the Xanax.

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